Common mistakes in agile adoption

These are taken from an excellent paper by Michael De La Maza and David Benz. Happy learning! :)

  1. Agile teams have defined dates and scopes
  2. A manager assigns tasks to team members
  3. Impediments to development are not addressed
  4. Team members don’t point out problems when they see them
  5. Testing is not allowed because it highlights shortcomings
  6. Burn-down charts are altered to present a rosy picture
  7. Management plans rather than teams
  8. All features are seen as high priority
  9. Communication is one way, from leaders to employees through broadcasts
  10. Agile is seen as something “the technology people do”
  11. Teams are not developing working software
  12. Teams are reporting rather than discussing progress
  13. Superstars are valued over team
  14. Reluctance to hire qualified outside experts
  15. Leadership demands results without providing direction
  16. Knowledge is hoarded

Other common mistakes

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Happy learning! 😊